Julian Pencilliah

Author of The Jetstream of Success

Julian Pencilliah is a businessman, author and philanthropist. He is a student of human behaviour and prides himself in being visionary in his efforts towards self-realisation. Julian displays an astounding acumen for economic principles in global market sectors and has various businesses globally.

The Jetstream Of Success & Billionaire Mind Books

The Jetstream Of

In The Jetstream of Success author Julian Pencilliah uses the architecture of the mind to emphasize the process of development in the human psyche and to inspire the reader to become one with The Jetstream phenomenon and realize their true potential. Over the course of eleven chapters he uses insightful metaphors and examples from his own quest for introspection to take the reader on a journey around the world designed to open not only minds, but also hearts and spirits to the powers of self-discovery.

The Jetstream of Success- Captain of Your Life


You are the captain of your life. When you are navigating through life, you have to execute it from a place of excellence. The most important question is: what are you navigating through? The answer is simple. We are navigating through our DYNAMISM. The way we factor ourselves into life is the process of navigating through various comprehensive definitions to mobilize your interests. There is a dynamic that takes us from our current circumstances to our greatest dreams and that dynamic hinges on the structural framework of our DECISIONS.

"The Future Will Arrive"
-Julian Pencilliah